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LIC india merchant is one the best and secure way to Login at premium collection this feature is provided by one of the India’s most favourite, trusted and secure Life insurance company of India which also Indian oldest and first life Insurance provider in India and it build great business and makes impact at Indian Market which is situated in Mumbai which also mark as headquartered of Lic India and now we are in 2017 year in which you have earn till end of life to full fill requirement so there is facility owned by LIC India which named as Lic Merchants which means Empowered Agent in which Empowered Retired Employees can play Premium Collection so it Is really beneficial because after seeing profit report of Lic India since few year we could say graph of market is increasing so investing and planning for marketing by becoming agent of LIC will make more money which show dynamic nature which hold strong in Indian market till 2013 completed estimate value of 1500000 Core and also sold approx. 367 lakh per year.

How to Login LIC India Merchant Account

To avoid fraud and fake sites you have to know which are official sites approved by government and secure to use in which some of website provide same type of login page which may hack your website so you have to be careful by handling account of Merchants for LIC India and for secure login follow below steps: online

  • If you are Merchant Empowered Agent or Business Associated with merchants to you have to login by using in that you have to enter Merchant id and passwords and if you are new user want to sign up for merchant then you have follow simple form first step is to apply application form to merchant
LIC Merchant Login
LIC Merchant Login
  • If your account is customer merchant then you have to follow this link to for login in which you have to enter Username and Passwords and after that you have to fill captcha for proving you are not robot then submit button

    LIC India Merchant Login
    LIC India Merchant Login Premium Payment

  • Once you logged in into merchant account you have many option like Generate Premium Payments, Customer Login, Generate Invoice Customer Payments
  • In that you have customer application and account information and also how many policy they buy is also displayed and you can store limited number of policy which sold to different customer and also you can do payment with different option like online payment or payment through bank, you can make payment by using authorised or partner bank Axis Bank and also you can pay instalment in nearest LIC Branch office in every there is LIC Office is situated.
  • When you do payment after customer confirm payment then they can print invoice which is proved you have done payment and also useful when in some case payment is partially done.
  • Option provided under Merchant Account

Premium Collection

ULIP Premium Collection

Generate Premium Collection Invoice

Proposal Deposit Collection

Generate Proposal Deposit Invoice

View Proposal Deposit Receipts

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LIC Merchant Mobile App

Now days LIC India making more feature which makes easy to use Insurance Account handling so official Application is available on Play Store and soon available for IOS device.

  • Current version is V1.3 which allow below feature
  • Different Policy list as per Account type
  • Edit Profile Option
  • Alert pf New Policy and upcoming payment before few day

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  • To get policy status after you get successfully login into LIC India merchant account you have provide different option in that you have to Get Premium Details which display all your polices or policy in which you provide number of instalment which can be changed by user and also you have different payment option in that you have to avoid payment through AXIS bank when amount is more than 50 thousand reason is unknown but it officially update by LIC India Insurance Company. After verification of instalment user has to click on submit button to confirm number of policy to cashier, after entering details you have to select payment mode which is either of cash or cheque as per user and cashier or agent has to Validate amount after successfully validation of Cashier has to confirm payment by just clicking confirm payment.
  • After you click on confirm button you will redirected to screen which displayed showing the details of the transaction
  • After that for proof purpose you can get printout and after that you can close transaction process by clicking on Quit button
  • ULIP Renewal Premium Collection option is available only for cashier which is login into merchant account and they can select payment mode either cash only or cheque only

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LIC Jeevan Anand Policy, Labh, Benefits, Term, New Pension Plan India

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy

In this post we are going talk about LIC Jeevan Anand Policy which is much trending policy in India right now. Many people have already taken this policy and enjoying its plan and benefits. Also we will discuss some additional points such as what are the terms and conditions for this plan and what extra and additional things or package about this policy of LIC Jeevan Anand.

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy 2017 additional accidental death option

If you buy this policy then you will get assured for the whole life.  The sum assured amount and Simple Revisionary bonus as well as final additional bonus whatever if applicable will be given to you if you reach age 100 or it will be given to your nominees if your death occurs before you reach the age of 100. Also you may purchase additional and optional accidental death policy, in which you will need to pay Rs 100 extra per 1 lakh per year. So that you will get additional amount up to Rs 5 lakhs plus the amount of Jeevan Anand policy at the time after your accidental death to your registered nominees.

LIC Jeevan Anand
LIC Jeevan Anand

LIC Jeevan Anand Maturity Calculator, Special Features, Benefits, Reviews and Response

Here below we have provided list of special features of Jeevan Anand Withdrawn plans. Also we have a good collection of reviews of this policy which is too added below in this paragraph.

  1. Product Summary
  2. Premium
  3. Bonuses

Product Summary:-

This plan offers you financial security as a life insurance throughout your life as well as you will get paid with lump sum amount according to the plan of Jeevan Anand Policy.


If you want to add some more features to your plan then you may select any premium according to your requirement such as accidental death. In which you may choose any plan for instalment such as yearly, quarterly or monthly according to your ease till policy matures or till your death.

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This plan Jeevan Anand is with profit plan so you will get some bonus at the end of the financial year as this plan participates in the corporation’s profit Life insurance business.

LIC Jeevan Anand

LIC Jeevan Anand Benefits and Reviews and Premium Sum Calculator:-

We have also listed benefits for this policy New Jeevan Anand as below. And about the reviews, LIC Jeevan Anand policy is getting maximum and positive reviews from the customers who have opted this policy and also this Jeevan Anand policy is one of the most trending Life Insurance policy now a days. Also on trusted websites such as BankBazar and Policy Bazaar you will see this policy in the top preferred Policy of this year 2017. To calculate your sum assured or instalments plan or premiums then you may use our calculator here: – LIC Jeevan Anand Policy Premium Calculator

Benefits of Jeevan Anand Policies are as below:-

  • Accidental Death Benefits.

In this case if accidental death occurs at the age between 5 to 70 years then you will be eligible to get this benefit of accidental death which includes up to Rs 5 lakh extra.

  • Supplementary Benefits.

These are optional benefits which you need to buy first then you will be eligible to get those benefits   either after policy matures or your death.

  • Surrender Value.

This benefit comes in the picture when you cancel the policy before it gets matured. There are rules and regulations for this policy

  • Guaranteed Surrender Value.

This benefit is guaranteed benefits so that you will get 30% of your total sum assured when you surrender this policy before it gets matured.

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC India) History, Wiki Information

LIC India Wiki (Information)

Life Insurance Corporation which is nothing but policy with insurance company with exchange of installment of payment with difference limit which provide sum of payment after policy holder death which we could called as benefit and extra amount after death to our family which is chosen by owner according money or payment gets after death which is approved by government of India by giving contribution of five crore and act of 1956 which means any one can join this LIC service without any fear of fraud, the first or oldest Insurance company in India is National Insurance Company which was founded in 1906 with Life Insurance Corporation also founded in same year. And they approved main terms and condition which is called as Assurance fund which is contract between insurance policy holder and provider where they promises to pay money after summing which is called as premium money depend on death of insured person. As we talk about Life Insurance only company comes into mind is Life Insurance Corporation which oldest and most trusted company of India in the insurance who full fill every given words they told us while buy policy and having really great report from beginning so you can trust them and choose Life Insurance Corporation.

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Life Insurance Corporation Of India History

Life Insurance Corporation founded 63 year ago and also second insurance company of India and now this is biggest company of India with estimated asset value of Rs. 1,560,482 crore till 2013 after that in 2015 makes profit of Rs. 10800 Crore in year with huge improvement or you can say graph is always on top if we considering profit result in India Business. Life Insurance Corporation Company has more than one lakh employee all over India and in each city they have more number of office and number of employee are also increasing as per requirement and also they are using latest technology as now days people are loved to do online transaction instead of visiting office and standing in huge line for paying insurance and increasing number of customer which leads to become 367 Lakhs policies are sold out every year, so maintaining this huge response and less number of employee they follow latest technology of payment option so they started with online Policy payment with secure way. So below we provide official website and how to use website. Official Website For LIC Of India

using this portal you can buy Life Issuance policy and also make payment or installment payment online using Bank Account Online Transaction and also can make using an y new app wallet payment can be done which is easy and secure to use approved by government and different bank.

How To Buy Life Insurance Policy

  • Visit: online official
  • LIC India Buy Online
  • Then click on Buy Policy online then new window will open in which terms and conditions are given in that you have to read plans which set according to smoker and non-smoker category and then in features you have different mode of payments and after that benefit column in that you have death benefit and maturity benefit after that eligibility column you have expected report of sum assured of your insurance and minimum age to buy policy and minimum policy term and maximum policy term and then read some frequently ask question in that you can find some common question which you have in mind after this

LIC Premium

  • Click on Buy Online Button then there Is lots of about first read about you pin note
  • Then select New Application for e-Term and Resident Indian Citizen then click on Confirm and Proceed before clicking there are some offers will be display on same page which help you pay lesser money on first premium and also if you N R I and already fill offline application you can enter access Id and go for new steps
  • After that you have to fill see calculate premium after selecting package then enter contact details, basic information, previous insurance, medical details and bank details for payment transaction if you choose online payment and declaration in which you get what expected amount you will get with terms of category of smoker and non-smoker which have different amount.

LIC Form

  • Then click on submit then your final policy will be created
  • If you want to pay premium then again visit official portal site click on premium payment in that you have option pay at cash counter and payment through alternate channel you want do payment visiting LIC office then choose pay at cash counter then you have to visit counter and have to do payment with debit card or credit card and if want play premium online you can pay with net banking, debit card and credit card and using authorized bank which are Axis Bank and corporation bank and franchisees are AP online, MP online and SUVIDA infoserve and easy bill pay and in merchant type you have different ways like premium point life plus, retired lic employee.
  • Above payment are approved LIC India

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